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The project is organised into six work packages, which focus on the key areas of potential Wave Hub impact. Select from the list below for details of each package.


Sep 2009:
The summer season is drawing to a close. 3D morphology has not been as extensively developed as during 2008, but bar/rip morphology has still dominated from Perranporth to Porth Towan.

Jan 2009:
The first year of beach monitoring has been completed! A sustained period of long period swell waves have caused the beaches to become two-dimensional and highly planar - typical winter profiles.

Aug 2008:
Dr Martin Austin and Tim Scott have just completed a 10-day field experiment at Perranporth monitoring the occurrence and dynamics of macrotidal rip current circulation.



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1 – RTK-GPS base station above Perranporth

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  M J Austin - 2009