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Morphodynamics of Estuarine Systems in the United Kingdom: Teignmouth and Humber



The management of estuaries requires a good understanding of their multiple uses and complex processes which are intrinsically related. The main objectives of this project are to provide a better comprehension of the mechanisms involved in the morphodynamic evolution of estuaries, and to address the problems that arise when controlling these systems. This kind of approach has a general application and constitutes the state of the art in the management of estuaries all over the world. In order to achieve these objectives and to test two real data sets, Teignmouth (South Devon) and the Humber Estuary (Yorkshire), both in UK which were chosen as case studies, due to the extensive information available for these sites. TELEMAC numerical model was selected to simulate the morphodynamic processes inherent to these environments.

Specific research aspects addressed in this project are:

Mesh Representation of Field Areas:

Mesh used for simulations at Teignmouth (UK)