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Mini-researchers (Meteorology and Oceanography)

Len Wood and Steve Bennetts - in conjunction with a partnership of schools called Leading Edge took part in a floating classroom for 60 students on Tuesday 12th July 2005.



This innovative approach to learning means that students from four schools across Devon and Cornwall were invited to spend the day at the Mount Batten Centre in Plymouth. Groups of students from Tamarside and Callington Community Colleges and Looe and Liskeard Community Schools took turns to spend 2 hour sessions on a boat out in Plymouth Sound learning about meteorology, oceanography,  charts, angles and bearings. 

The students took on the role of mini-researchers measuring and comparing air temperature, windspeed, and water visibility in Plymouth Sound and the Tamar.

There was a benefit of immersion in a variety of teaching and learning styles for 15 students from each of the schools involved.

				Measurements of wind speed with a hand-held anemometer

                  Dr Len Wood shows how to measure air temperature and humidity with a whirling psychrometer.

Equipment to measure water temperature and salinity presented by Mr Steve Bennetts, MBE.

presssure map
Weather map for the day