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Academic and research background at University Personal Page
*Research interests
  • Different methods of hydrophysical in-situ (CTD, current meters) and remote (satellite, acoustic etc.) data analysis
  • Decadal and inter-annual ocean climate variability, deep-ocean transport variability
  • Variability and water mass interaction in frontal zones, frontal dynamics and deep western boundary currents
  • Generation and evolution of meso-scale eddies, meddies spreading in the North-eastern Atlantic
  • Hydrothermal activity and its impact on ocean circulation
  • Circulation processes near the continental slope
*Current Research
  • Black Sea Ecosystem Recovery Project  and SESAME program. I am working under the analysis of the raw oceanographic data, which were obtained in last 3 international research cruises in the Black Sea in 2004-2006, and during all previous century. Data include the materials of measurements of  CTD, LADCP, fluorimetry, chemical and biological samples, and the launch of 6 surface drifters in 2004. Long term temporal and spacial variability of physical oceanographic parameters, related to global climate change and CO2 sequestration are in a focus of the research. 
  • I am involved in analysis of Heat, Salt Contents and Steric Height evolution  in the  Northern Atlantic based on ARGO floats data.
  • Investigations of Hydrothermal fields at Mid Atlantic Ridge, based on data, obtained in R/V Akademik M.Keldysh (AMK) expeditions # 41 - 49.
*Academic background
*Work Experience

Work history
Participation in Research Cruises, duties are underlined, photossea also my photos

  • Black sea, FS POSEIDON, 363 cruise, SBE-Seabird CTD, VM WH ADCP, FRRF. March, 2008
  • Black sea, Black Sea Ecosystem Recovery Project-6, FRRF. July-August, 2006
  • Black sea, Black Sea Ecosystem Recovery Project-4,5, Leg 1 & 2, deputy of PI, currents: LADCP, FRRF. September-October, 2005
  • Atlantic ocean. Charley Gibbs FZ; Titanic site; MAR rift hydrothermal fields: Snake Pit (23°N), Lost City (30°N), Menez Gwen (36°N). CTD and near-bottom currents using RCM-11 mooring, R/V “Akademik Mstislav Keldysh49 /“AMK”/. May – August, 2003
  • Atlantic ocean. Hydrothermal fields of MAR rift: Snake Pit (23°N), TAG (26°N), Broken Spur (29°N), Lost City (30°N), Lucky Strike (37°N) & Rainbow (36°N). CTD, R/V “AMK”47. May – August, 2002 a    b
  • Atlantic ocean. Gulf Stream–Labrador currents junction; CTD, R/V “AMK”44-46. July – October, 2001
  • Atlantic ocean. south off Newfoundland bank, Titanic canyon, submarine “Kursk” area in Barents Sea. CTD, R/V “AMK”43. May – August, 2000
  • Atlantic ocean. Sub-polar frontal zone near Titanic, Black smokers at Rainbow site in AMAR rift. CTD, R/V “AMK”42. 1999 ab
  • Arctic ocean. Norwegian, Barents and Kara seas. Buoy moorings and ADCP (RDI) data acquisition & CTD, R/V “Akademik S.Vavilov”11, 1997
  • Mediterranean Sea, R/V “Akademik S. Vavilov”10, Thetis-II Project, CTD, 1994 a  b  c
  • Atlantic ocean. WOCE current meter moorings & CTD at then Azores frontal zone, R/V “Professor Shtokman”, AugustNovember, 1993. a
  • Black & Mediterranean Sea, Research assistant in hydrophysical data acquisition and processing, R/V “Aquanaut”, June-August, 1991
  • Arctic ocean. White & Barents Sea, Research assistant in hydrophysical data acquisition and processing, R/V “Uran”, June-August, 1990
  •  Black Sea, Research assistant in hydrophysical data acquisition and processing, R/V “Moskovsky Universitet”, June-August, 1989

Awards and Grants


  • The Young PhDs of Russian Academy Program Fellowship during 1998–2001.
  • The Concurs-expertise of the young scientist projects of Russian Academy of Sciences – Fellowship (1997-2001) for the project: Dynamic acoustic tomography of thermocline eddies in the Western Mediterranean

Participation in EU Grants:

  • INTAS # 93-0557. Comparison between 3 approaches to the ocean acoustic tomography: field experiment and numerical simulations (Taroudakis, M., L. M. Brekhovskikh, O. A. Godin, D. Yu. Mikhin, D. L. Aleynik et. al. intas-93report.html)
  • INTAS # 99-1600. Dense water overflows off continental shelves (cascading). (G.I. Shapiro, J.M. Huthnance, V.V. Ivanov, D.L.Aleynik et al.) 

Participation in grants of Russian Foundation of Basic Research (RFBR):

  • RFBR # 96-05-65287.Definition of the Mediterranean origin lens hydrophysical boundaries and methods of their generation regions’ classifications
  • RFBR # 97-05-65635. Dynamics of water exchange and flux of weighted matter in the shelf-slope zone of ocean 
  • RFBR # 97-05-64965. Investigation of the main physical properties in a system of oceanographic-ecological monitoring of a local water area of the Norwegian sea. 
  • RFBR # 99-05-65505. The investigation of the formation and spreading mechanisms of the intermediate waters of the Mediterranean origin in the Atlantic ocean 
  • RFBR # 99-05-65648. Wide-scale variability of the ocean thermodynamic characteristics and its influence on a climate of Northern hemisphere 
  • RFBR # 00-05-64486. Acoustic tomography of the intrathermocline eddy in the western Mediterranean from a moving ship 
  • RFBR # 01-05-64025. Formation mechanisms and long-term variability thermohaline of structure of intermediate waters in moderate latitudes of Northern Atlantic
  • RFBR # 02-05-64495. Thermodynamic regime variability of the deep and near bottom waters in open ocean

  • Articles in reviewed journals
  1. Ivanov V.V., Shapiro G.I. , Aleynik D.L., Huthnance J.M., Golovin, P.N. Cascades of Dense Water Around the World Ocean // Progress in Oceanography,  2004. V. 60 N 1. P. 47-98.
  2. Ivchenko, V.O., N.C. Wells and D.L. Aleynik. 2006: Anomaly of heat content in the Northern Atlantic in the last 7 years: is the ocean warming or cooling? // Geophys. Res. Let.  , 33, L22606, doi:10.1029/2006GL027691. abstract 
  3. V. Ivchenko, S. Danilov, D. Sidorenko, J. Schroeter, M. Wenzel, and D. Aleynik  2007. Comparing the steric height in the Northern Atlantic with satellite altimetry // Ocean Sci. Discuss., 4, 441–457 osd-4-441-2007; Final: os-3-485-2007.pdf.
  4. Aleynik, D. L., Shapiro, G. I., Mee, L. D. and E. M. Lemeshko. 2007: Velocity measurements in the Black Sea using a Lowered Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (LADCP) // Translated from Okeanology, V. 47. N 1 . P. 127-134. DOI 10.1134/S0001437007010158 abtsract 
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  • Selected Conference proceedings
  1. V.Ivchenko , S.Danilov , D.Sidorenko , J.Schroeter, M.Wenzel and D.Aleynik, 2007: Comparing the steric height in the Northern Atlantic with the satellite altimetry // Geophysical Research Abstracts, Vol. 9, EGU 2007 General Assembly. EGU2007-J-02170.pdf
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  3. Aleynik D.L. The hydrophysical evidence for hydrothermal activity intensification In the subtropical MAR in summer, 2002 // Geophysical Research Abstracts. EGS-AGU- EUG Joint Assembly, 2003. V.5, OS4. EAE03-A-02007  
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  6. Aleynik, D.L.; Shapiro, G.I. Search for cascading in historical data. 25th General Assembly of the European Geophysical Society, Nice , France, 25-29 April 2000. Published on the CD-ROM and on the INTERNET site  (Abstract)
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  8. Aleinik D. L., Filyushkin B.N., Plakhin E.A. Generations of the Mediterranean Lenses on the continental slope of the Gulf of Cadiz // Collection of The Symposium papers of Konstantin Fedorov Memorial Symposium "Oceanic Fronts and Related Phenomena" in St-Petersburg. IOC UNESCO, Paris.  1999. P. 1-7.
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  •  Chapters in Book
    1. Aleynik D.L. Thermohaline water structure in the zone of the involvement of the Western boundary current in the deep subtropical Atlantic circulation / In : “Oceanographic Investigation of the Gulf Stream Frontal Zone. The ‘Titanic’ site” / Eds. A. Sagalevich, Yu. Bogdanov, M. Vinogradov. Ìoscow. Nauka 2002. 360 p. (pp. 25–65) (in Russian).
    2. Kuznetzov O.A., Aleynik D.L. Scientific Research Vessel «Dmitry Mendeleev» and its Expeditions 1969–1993. Moscow: GEOS, 2002. 372 p. ISBN 5-89118-265-3 (in Russian).

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