Brief History

My interest in chemistry started back home in Slovakia where I attended the chemistry programme at Comenius University in Bratislava. Following my stay in the U.K. during the gap year I applied for the Analytical Chemistry Programme at Plymouth University and in 2011 I graduated with a First Class Honours in BSc Analytical Chemistry. During my studies I was awarded the Oxford University Press Prize in 2009 and P.S. Analytical Chemistry Prize in 2010 for best performance in the Analytical Chemistry Programme.

For my dissertation project I worked with Dr Anthony Lewis studying H-branch alkanes as part of on-going research into the unresolved complex mixtures (UCM) of crude oil. The project involved synthesis, analysis and investigation of the chromatographic properties of a C19 H-branch alkane, followed by comparison of the properties with those of other structurally similar C19 H-branch isomers.

In my final year I developed a great interest for chemistry research and studying for a PhD was something I have desired to do since then. For the two years prior to joining PEGG I worked at the National Laboratory Service of the Environment Agency working on a GC-MS Target Based Screening Method. In October 2013 I started my PhD studentship funded by Plymouth University under the supervision of Professor Simon Belt and Dr Thomas Brown during which I will expand on previous work using the novel sea ice diatom biomarker IP25. I will focus on developing our understanding of the use of the IP25 sea ice proxy from a palaeo-perspective and will further develop the use of other novel proxy methods for climate reconstruction in the Arctic and Antarctic.



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