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Brief History

Professor Readman (Jim) leads fundamental research into the composition/cycling of organic material and the behaviour and impact of pollutants in estuarine and coastal environments. His most recent research relates to emerging contaminants and nanoparticles. He commenced employment as an environmental research chemist in 1978 and has since gained professional experience in academic, Governmental, industrial contract research and United Nations laboratories.

From 2001 to 2014 he was employed by NERC as a Research Professor at the Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML) and he currently retains a Fellowship at PML. From 1999 to 2001, he was Head of Pollution Research for the NERC UK Centre for Coastal & Marine Sciences. From 1996-1999, he was Head of Biogeochemistry at the Plymouth Marine Laboratory and prior to that, for seven years was employed by the United Nations as Head of the Organic Chemistry Unit at the International Atomic Energy Agency - Marine Environment Laboratory based in the Principality of Monaco.

Jim has published over 100 refereed papers relating to environmental science and analytical chemistry in scientific Journals (including Nature). These papers have, collectively, been cited over 4000 times, and generate an h-index of 36. Microsoft academic search of 'Top authors in pollution' rank Jim as 18th (out of 102,520 results), on a global basis. In addition to these publications, he has written, compiled and edited numerous technical reports.

Jim has organised, chaired and participated in numerous (approximately 200) International Symposia and United Nations meetings and conferences on environmental pollution. He has also served as a member of the UK Government’s Advisory Committee on Hazardous Substances (ACHS) and was recently an external examiner of the MSc Environmental Technology course at Imperial College, London. During recent years, he has provided expert comment on pollution issues for the BBC and several popular newspapers and journals.

Committee memberships

Selected Recent Publications

Selected Research Income

Dates Funding Body and Project Amount
2014-2018 NERC Standard Grant
Elucidating the potential interaction of manufactured nanoparticles with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons: an integrated toxicogenomics approach. Coordinator: Professor Awadhesh Jha (Plymouth University)
2013-2017 European Commission through EU FP7 OCEAN-2013
Work programme topic addressed: Biosensors for real time monitoring of biohazard and man-made chemical contaminants in the marine environment. "Real time monitoring of SEA contaminants by an autonomous Lab-on-a-CHIP biosensor (SEA-on-a-CHIP)". Project Ref. 614168. Coordinator: Professor Damia Barcelo (CSIC/ICRA)
2012-2014 PML-Korea Institute of Oceans Science and Technology (KIOST)
Joint research into the isolation and characterisation of nano-scale plastic particles in the environment
2008-2012 EU (6th Framework Program)/Defra
European concerted action to foster prevention and best response to Accidental marine Pollution – AMPERA. Implementation of risk assessment methodologies for oil and chemical spills in the European marine environment
2008-2009 NERC/Defra/EA Environmental Nanoscience Initiative
An investigation into the effects of nanoparticles on the bacterial diversity of freshwater and coastal marine sediments
2007-2008 NERC/Defra/EA Environmental Nanoscience Initiative
Effects of C-60 fullerenes and carbon nano-tubes on marine mussels
2006-2009 Defra Consortium, EDCAT
Investigation into the effects and behaviour of endocrine disrupters in the environment
2006-2007 European Environment Agency
Investigation into antifouling booster biocide usage and legislation, including current environmental levels
2005-2007 EU Marie Curie Fellowship
Dr Carlos Guitart was employed to undertake an evaluation of the occurrence, persistence and potential impact of pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCPs) in transitional and coastal waters
2005 Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
Fellowship for visiting senior fellow (Dr Kazushi Aranami) to undertake research. An isotopic study of persistent organics

International & National Conference and Meeting Presentations

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