Brief History

I graduated from University of Bologna (Italy) obtaining a BSc and MSc in Marine Biology. My Masters dissertation focussed on how growth and toxin production by the potentially toxic marine diatom species, Pseudonitzschia multistriata isolated in the Northern Adriatic Sea, was influenced by available dissolved nutrients. This was the beginning of my interest on nutrient concentrations and speciation as factors for on marine ecosystem health.

The MARES-funded PhD project is a collaboration between Plymouth University and the Station Biologique de Roscoff (SBR), France. It has the overall aim of studying the role of organic nitrogen on algal productivity with a view to assessing potential consequences for marine ecosystem functioning and biodiversity. The Director of Studies for the project is Dr Mark Fitzsimons and the SBR supervisor is Dr Ian Probert, who manages the internationally important Roscoff Culture Collection. I will work at both the Biogeochemistry Research Centre at Plymouth University and the Plankton Group at the SBR.

The project has been adopted by the International Nitrogen Initiative as an associate activity.


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