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I have over 15 years' experience in research and development of liquid chromatography and multistage mass spectrometry (LC/MSn). This includes the detection, separation, characterisation and identification of iron complexes in seawater and oilfield chemicals in crude oil and produced waters whilst studying for a PhD, research assistant and research fellow positions at Plymouth University. During this time I also provided specialist knowledge for the interpretation of MSn data for AstraZeneca (AZ) Brixham Environmental Laboratory (BEL, consultancy through Plymouth University). I was offered a 12 month contract with the research team (at BEL in 2005) to setup and operate a newly purchased Thermo Scientific LCQ MS system and develop LC/MS methods and data interpretation for several research projects. This role became a permanent position (2006) within the BEL chemistry unit, continuing to work on research projects and implementing LC/MS methodology to support the regulatory environmental risk assessment (ERA) of pharmaceutical, veterinary and biocidal products, agricultural, personal care and industrial chemicals. In 2009 I was promoted to LC/MSn technical lead (Senior Safety, Health and Environmental Scientist). Recent research included monitoring of active pharmaceutical ingredients for a number of AZ manufacturing sites worldwide to help develop environmental quality standards and bioanalysis of the endocrine disruptor Bisphenol-A which has been linked to human health effects. The position at Brixham Environmental Laboratory, ended April 2014 due to site closure and compulsory redundancy which enabled me to take a short career break.

Some of my research and development interests are: the use of novel chromatographic phase's, elution solvents and atmospheric pressure ionisation methods for small highly polar and other compounds which are generally not amenable with for LC/MSn; the use of LC/MSn for the detection, separation, characterisation, identification and quantification of components in complex mixtures/products and transformation/degradation products or metabolites in a wide range of matrices (such as, waters, soils, sediments, Bio-solids and bio-fluids). I am interested in and seek to develop and design new and improved instrumental functionality and chromatographic techniques. I also maintain and actively seek knowledge of emerging technologies and applications which show potential for improving the analysis for compounds of current and future interest.

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