Brief History

I've always found the world a fascinating place and have spent a lot of my time questioning why things happen. The inevitable conclusion to this was a science degree and I spent three years studying chemistry in St Andrews before taking a slight detour into the world of social science for my Masters. Having recovered from that minor blip I studied for a PhD titled 'Distributions of glycine betaine and the methylamines in coastal waters: Analytical developments and a seasonal study' under the direction of Dr Mark Fitzsimons and Dr Ruth Airs at Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML)

In the summer of 2014 I was offered a berth on a Spanish research cruise following my presentations on amine cycling and distributions (glycine betaine and methylamines) at the International DMSP meeting in Barcelona. The project is entitled PEGASO (Plankton-derived Emissions of trace Gases and Aerosols in the Southern Ocean) and investigated the biological controls on the production and emission of aerosols and aerosol-forming trace gases. During the cruise in January/February 2015, I was able to analyse dissolved methylamine concentrations in the Southern Ocean and this is the first such measurement in the Antarctic region.

I am now about to start a teacher training program called 'Researchers In Schools' that recruits researchers with PhDs into teaching to increase subject knowledge in schools and widen participation in higher education. The program enables me to spend one day a week on my research so that I can continue working with Mark and Ruth. I'll be based/working at Ivybridge Community College.



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