Brief History

My PhD (2007-2010) titled "Production and preservation of the Arctic sea ice diatom biomarker IP25" resulted in a number of Arctic expeditions to Norway and Canada to obtain high resolution temporal datasets of sea ice geochemistry spanning the Arctic winter, Spring algal bloom and summer ice melt. Analyses of specific hydrocarbon chemicals enabled a greater insight into the development of IP25 as a novel sea ice extent indicator within my research group. Further extracurricular activity as a HSE commercial and PADI sea ice diver assisted in my PhD with the continued support and supervision of Professor Simon Belt in addition to Dr Guillaume MassÚ and Dr Xavier Crosta (University of Bordeaux).

Currently, as a Leverhulme Trust Research Fellow, my interests are centred around the development of IP25 and related HBIs to:

As of December 2016 I will taking up position at the Scottish Association for Marine Science, my new contact address is


My refereed publications are listed below (reverse chronological) and my 'My Citations' page from Google Scholar provides additional bibliographic metrics:

For a more comprehensive list of publications relating to IP25 and highly branched isoprenoids visit



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