Brief History

I graduated in chemical engineering at the National Graduate School of Chemistry, Biology and Physics of Bordeaux (France) in 2010. I also completed a Master of Research in environmental chemistry at the University of Bordeaux which led to a first research project on the photodegradation of phamaceuticals in the EPOC-LPTC aboratory, with Professor Patrick Mazellier and Dr Hélène Budzinski.

My PhD (2010-2013; Étude de l'impact des effluents urbains sur la qualité des eaux de la Garonne estuarienne : application aux composés pharmaceutiques et aux filtres UV), carried out in this laboratory under the supervision of Dr Hélène Budzinski, focused on the occurrence and fate of pharmaceuticals and UV filters in wastewater systems and in the estuary of Gironde. Long-term monitoring of these hydrosystems as well as incubation experiments enabled a better understanding of pharmaceutical behaviours in the environment, such as persistence or hydrophobicity.

In 2014, I had the opportunity to undertake a short postdoc (4 months) at the Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography in Marseilles with Dr Richard Sempéré exploring the analytical challenge of the measurement of phthalate esters in aerosols and in seawater.

I am currently postdoctoral research fellow in the group since 2015 with Professor James Readman and Professor Steve Rowland. My research interests are in the development of novel analytical methods to assess the sources and fate of organic contaminants in the environment. I am particularly involved in the SEA-on-a-CHIP research project, a European Union funded project on the development of immunosensors for the real time analysis of contaminants in marine waters. I am also part of the NERC funded Trojan Horses project that looks at the potential interaction of manufactured nanoparticles with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.



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