MI Meetings

MEETINGS for 2006/07

February 14th 2007 : 1200-1300hrs.

Martyn Warren. Using Perseus for Internet Research

May 16th 2007: 1200-1300hrs.

Gayle Letherby and Carole Sutton. Autobiography and Ethics

ALL meetings take place 12:00-13:00 in Plym Committee Room, Babbage Building. We hope to have short presentations and discussions of methodological issues at most of the meetings.  These will be informal and last 10-15 minutes with 15 minutes for discussion.  Topics or offers of short presentations should be sent to Malcolm Williams malcolm.williams@plymouth.ac.uk

Past meetings (2005/06)

December 7th


Carole Sutton. Non Elite Road Running.

Journal report and Mini Methods Festival


February 8th 2006


Kim Stevenson. Contemporary Historical Parallels

March 8th 2006

Agenda: TBC

May 10th 2006

Agenda : TBC

Anyone in the university is welcome to attend. The talks and the meeting are informal and inclusive.