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Useful Links

Tide Data, including the School's tide gauge at Millbay Docks, Pymouth, data courtesy of Valeport Ltd.

The SHIPS Project aims is to investigate the maritime history of Plymouth and its estuaries so the scope is quite large, both spatially and temporally.  For example, one project involves recording the collapse of a ship sunk in 1945 as a study of shipwreck site formation processes while another involves recording the entire submerged landscape that is Plymouth Sound.

The British Isles GPS archive Facility (provides access to GPS archives including the Plymouth OS site)

Citeseer (Scientific Literature Digital Library) - Good for GPS references

Coastline extractor (for whole world and in several formats)

Digimap (delivers Ordnance Survey map data to UK Higher Education)

Dredgeline (on-line bibliographical reference database)

Galileo Global Navigation Satellite System

GENESIS project (including a short newsletter on Galileo's progress).

Geobrowsers community: exists to help scientists, data providers and software developers work together to share and visualize data effectively using the new tools such as Google Earth.

Geomatics.org.uk - UK Public Awareness Project

gistop (Good online magazine with open access articles).

Go-Geo! is an online resource discovery tool which allows for the identification and retrieval of records describing the content, quality, condition and other characteristics of geospatial data that exist with UK tertiary education and beyond.

Graderis being used for evaluating the concept of an online geospatial data repository. Anyone can use the search and browse tools, but to submit or download items you must register and be a currently registered users of the Digimap service.

International Association of Geodesy (Journal of Geodesy)

Landmap (provides orthorectified satellite imagery and a Digital Elevation Model for the British Isles)

National Library of Scotland Side by Side mapping - comparing old and modern maps

Ordnance Survey

Personal Currency Assistant

Tamar Estuaries Consultative Forum

The Hydrographic Society UK (part of the International Federation of Hydrographic Societes)

UK GRAD Programme (support for PhD students)

UK Marine Environmental Data (MED) Network

United Kingdom Offshore Operators Association (UKOOA)

Web of Knowledge (includes Science Citation Index)

World Ocean Atlas Series

WWW site for graduates in the South West















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