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Plymouth Fieldwork

Plymouth Sound: there is a range of field opportunities such as undertaking geodetic, tidal, tidal stream, sedimentary sampling, side-scan sonar, sub bottom profiling and swathe sounding surveys.

Processing of these data by digital mapping or in building a Geographical Information System for scientific or cultural studies offer further opportunities. 3D terrain models and fly-throughs are common outputs from the swathe sounding survey students.

Remote Sensing imagery of Plymouth Sound, the seas around the British Isles and further around the world all offer scientific laboratory based activities. There are no costs to students in term time. Some work is included within the timetabled field weeks and the equipment is booked to coincide with these. Project work and work outside of terms has to fit in with the availability of the vessel and other demands on equipment.

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Exhibitions and Conferences

We encourage visits to the conferences of the Hydrographic Society and Oceanology International. Various other opportunities arise from year to year.















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