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Plymouth Surveying Graduates

We currently offer two Geomatics courses, an undergraduate BSc Ocean Exploration and a postgraduate MSc Hydrography. The employer of our students can expect much from them in common with other UK graduates, and some elements that are special to our courses.

Undergraduates start our courses with a wide range of entry qualifications, from a mix of A Levels, which normally include a Science subject, to mature students prefacing their geomatics course with a foundation course (Extended Science). Some students without a standard academic background, but with survey experience may get direct entry onto the second year, whereas most take a three-year course.

Postgraduates normally have entry with a good first degree.

Through numerical, discursive, laboratory and practical work, students obtain a variety of experiences that give them a range of geomatic and transferable skills. We see both our courses as being numerically based (at about A Level Maths standard). Students are required to pick up research skills by investigating, reporting and presenting on various topics. They become keyboard literate and are used to a variety of software from word processing, to spreadsheets and specialist, commercial, surveying packages.

Students report on their work through portfolios of survey practicals and computer tutorials as well as essays, computations, oral presentations, charts, posters and time-constrained, unseen examinations. Feedback to the student from staff at all stages includes comments upon written English, methodolgy and presentational skills.

The course is well supported by industry who provide visiting speakers and state of the art instrumentation as well as work expereince and on-campus interviews.


Geomatics Graduates

BSc Ocean Exploration students have much in common with graduates across the nation, as attested by:

Thus the progression from a lower academic intake to a national standard reflects much "added-value" to the individual student.


Geomatics Postgraduates

The postgraduate courses are part of the Environmental and Marine Science (EMS) inter-departmental graduate programme. The MSc Hydrography has RICS and ICES accreditation.

The MSc Hydrography matches the high skills element of the undergraduate programme, but the delivery method depends much upon the mature student, conversant with the academic system, to learn on his or her own and to learn quickly. The core, survey content of the undergraduate programme is contained within the first term of the MSc. Both the first and second terms also contain fieldweeks, which are often run in collaboration with industry.  Wider issues, either of a conventional survey nature or of topics leading to other areas of industry development, permit the postgraduate to expand his or her mind from a narrow survey focus out to other issues. This is enhanced through the dissertation, where a student can study a particular theme with time for broader research, experimentation and discursive thinking.

The MSc is comparable to other UK postgraduate programmes which are considered as fast-track conversion courses, designed to prepare graduates from a non-vocational first-degree to being employable.

The postgraduate cohort typically contains a mix of overseas students who have been sponsored by their companies in order to obtain a professional qualification and UK students seeking a route into the workplace.


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