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Research Fellow


School of Law & Social Science

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Honorary Research Fellow with the
Local Government Chronicle Elections Centre

Qualifications and background



Michael Cole received his BSc in politics from the University of Southampton in 1985.  He stayed at Southampton for his M.Phil thesis on the accountability of quangos, which he received in 1991.  He also has a MSc in Information Science from City University (1990). He has held full-time research appointments at the universities of Glamorgan, Northumbria, Exeter and Plymouth.


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* Research interests *

As a British politics specialist, Local government has been the main focus of research.  Aspects include the executive and scrutiny reforms; member allowances; the role(s) of local councillors; local elections; departmentalism; community appraisals; consultations; and history and structure. Research has also incorporated quangos: Welsh devolution: the UK Parliament: the Civil Service; public choice theory; national and regional elections; and an evaluation of the Health Action Zone in Plymouth.



* Consultancy *


Further details of Michael Cole's fields of consultancy can be found by clicking here.


Journals Reports Conferences  
































* Journal Articles*

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Research Reports  *

M.S. Cole and J. Fenwick, March 2001, New Labour and the Corporate Agenda in Local Government. Public Policy Research Unit, Research Paper No.9, Newcastle, University of Northumbria at Newcastle.


Conference Papers  *

M.S. Cole, August/September 2001, The Modernisation of UK Local Government: An Analysis of the impact of the Executive and Scrutiny Reforms and the changing role(s) of local councillors: A Case Study of Devon County Council. Paper presented to the American Political Science Association Annual Conference, San Francisco.

M.S. Cole, October 2000, The Modernisation of UK Local Government: An Evaluation of the Executive, Scrutiny and Partnership Reforms at Devon County Council. Paper presented to the Political Studies Association of Ireland Annual Conference, Cork. Published at