Research Seminars 2007-08 programme:

The seminar usually takes place Friday at 2pm in Portland Square Bldg, Room B106.

Presenter Date Title
Prof Roman Borisyuk 23/11/2007 Biologically realistic model of spinal cord of tadpole
Dr Svitlana Popovych 28/11/2007 Complex synamics of single neuron model
Dr Natalia Passynkova 07/12/2007 Brain regions involved in predictive temporal errors of saccadic eye movements
Dr Thomas Wennekers 18/01/2008 Large-scale spatio-temporal interactions in cat auditory cortex
Prof Dirk Jancke 25/01/2008 Motion streaks in primary visual cortex: Activation dynamics in response to moving stimuli revealed by voltage-sensitive dye imaging
Dr Emili Balague-Ballester 01/02/2008 A probabilistic hierarchical model of temporal integration in pitch perception
Dr Daniel Durstewitz 08/02/2008 Adjusting cortical network dynamics to cognitive demands
Dr Michelle Rudolph 15/02/2008 TBA
Dr Martin Coath 22/02/2008 The linearity of emergent spectro-temporal receptive fields in a model of auditory cortex
Floortje Klein 29/02/2008 A model of endstopping in V1
Prof Chris Harris 07/03/2008 Evolutionary costs of plasticity
Dr Beau Lotto 14/03/2008 TBA
Dr Katrin Krumbholz 04/04/2008 !! CANCELLED !! (This talk has been moved to May the 16th)
Andrew Symes 18/04/2008 Spread of activation along specific lateral pathways in a cortical microcircuit model
Lucy Davies 25/04/2008 Models of sensory gain control
Prof Bruno Averbeck 02/05/2008 Correlated neuronal activity and information encoding and decoding
Dr David Chik 09/05/2008 Modelling attention with spiking neurons
Dr Sue Denham 23/05/2008 Multistability in perceptual organisation: similarities between auditory and visual processing
Dr Katrin Krumbholz 16/05/2008 TBA