Welcome to the Centre for Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience (CTCN)

The principle goals of our work at this multidisciplinary research centre are:

To achieve these challenging goals we have a number of projects in computational and experimental neuroscience, and data analysis. Our research activities include modelling of neural activity of both single neuron and neural networks with different architectures and adaptive synaptic connections as well as development of new techniques for analysing experimental data collected in collaborating neurobiological laboratories.

In addition to research on computational neuroscience and data analysis, CTCN actively participates in collaborative projects aiming to make progress in the development of new methods and technologies in medicine (saccadic eye movement as a diagnosis tool, deep brain stimulation and Parkinson's disease) and computer science (speech recognition, object tracking, robot intelligence).

The CTCN has close connections to the Centre for Interactive Intelligent Systems.

Research at the CTCN and CIIS centres has been recently rated as of world leading standards in the recent evaluation of UK academia (RAE2008). Overall, 100% of the research was judged as being of international repute, with 25% of work recognised as of world leading value. This puts Plymouth among the top 15 UK universities for computer science and informatics research.