The aim of the NUPSIG project is to obtain new understanding of how gravel beaches are affected by storms, and to use this knowledge to develop coastal management tools to help protect the coast of the United Kingdom.

In order to achive this, the NUPSIG project will:

  1. Collect detailed field measurements of waves, swash, groundwater and bed level change on a gravel beach during storm conditions.
  2. Use the detailed field measurements to help develop a computer model to predict storm impact on gravel beaches.
  3. Collect an extensive data set on storm response on eleven UK gravel barrier systems, representing a range of environmental conditions.
  4. Use the extended dataset to verify the predictive capability of the storm impact model.
  5. Develop a tool for end-users for predicting berm formation, overtopping, overwashing and breaching of gravel beaches and barriers.


Channel Coastal Observatory HR Wallingford Environment Agency


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