South-west UK regional SWAN wave model output

*The model is currently offline but shall be available soon. Follow us (twitter) for the latest updates.

The model provides a forecast for a 48 hour period and results are output from 06:00 local time at 3-hourly intervals.

The following figures plot the regional significant wave height and peak wave period (colour) and peak wave direction (vectors) predicted by propagating the t00z output of the NOAA WWIII model into the south-west coastal region of the UK using the SWAN wave model.

Polar plots display the spectral characteristics of the wave field at selected output nodes.

The model is non-stationary and is forced on all four boundaries using the integrated wave parameters output from WWIII and with a non-stationary wind field applied across the entire domain.

This is an operational model and results are updated daily at 07:45 GMT.

Regional integrated wave statistics

Wave height (Hs)

Wave period (Tp)

Nodal spectral wave characteristics

Perranporth (5.1754W, 50.3536N)


Animated GIF of the forcast Hs from t=06 hrs to t=48 hrs:

Animated GIF of the forcast Tp from t=06 hrs to t=48 hrs:

Animated GIF of the spectral wave forcast at Perranporth for t=06 hrs to t=48 hrs:

Time series of model output at Perranporth compared to CCO wave buoy:



ARGUS video - Perranporth


ARGUS video - Slapton