Welcome to the Coastal Processes Research Group


The Coastal Processes Research Group is an internationally recognised group of researchers, specialising in field studies of coastal processes. We aim to be a leading contributor to the international research community seeking to understand and predict the behaviour of coastal and estuarine systems in support of appropriate management of coastal resources and activities.


The group has a membership comprising 9 academics, 4 post-doctoral researchers, 14 PhD students and 2 scientific officers. Since 2006, members of the group have received external funding in excess of £4 million, published over 70 papers in refereed journals. We have an established equipment base valued at over £1 million.


The group has links with researchers in the Marine Physics Research Group and the Coastal Engineering Research Group via the Centre for Coastal Science and Engineering (CCOSE) which is at the heart of the new University of Plymouth Marine Institute. We also work extensively with researchers in Europe and elsewhere.

Research opportunities

  • beach morphodynamics and nearshore sediment transport
  • coastal erosion and storm impacts
  • video monitoring of coastal systems
  • coastal process modeling
  • estuarine processes and evolution


Members of the group also contribute significant proportions of the teaching for several successful undergraduate and postgraduate programmes are available from the School website:

School of Marine Science and Engineering

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