15th Meeting of the British Organic Geochemical Society

8-9 July 2003

The 15th Meeting is being hosted by the Petroleum and Environmental Geochemistry Group, School of Environmental Sciences, University of Plymouth. The program of events, as it currently stands, is set out below. Please note that this is subject to change.

Updated 3rd July 2003.

Monday 7th July 2003

p.m. Arrive in Plymouth
19:30 Meet in James Street Vaults

Tuesday 8th July 2003

9:15 Registration and Coffee
Session 1
09:45 Opening and Welcome
10:00 Unravelling Mummy secrets using organic residue analysis
Katherine A. Clark and Richard P. Evershed
10:20 The post mortem degradation of teeth and bones, and implications on their suitability as reliable sources of DNA for ancient human DNA analyses
M. Thomas P. Gilbert, Lars Rudbeck, Eske Willerslev, Anders J. Hansen, Colin Smith, Kirsty Penkman, Kurt Prangenberg, Paul Arthur, Niels Lynnerup, Gordon Turner-Walker, Matthew Collins and Alan Cooper
10:40 Poster Talks 1-4
10:50 Coffee and Posters
Session 2
11:20 Atmospheric methane oxidation by soil methanotrophs: An overall strategy for the characterisation of high and low affinity methane oxidising bacteria
P.J. Maxfield, Z.M. Crossman, E.R.C. Hornibrook and R.P. Evershed
11:40 Bioremediation of oily drill cuttings using extreme Halophiles
James R. Ascott, Sara Burton, Corrine Whitby, Terry J. McGenity, Jon Getlif and Hilary M. Lappin-Scott
12:00 An assessment of the in vitro oestrogen receptor agonist potency and alkylphenol content of produced water discharges into the North Sea
K.V. Thomas, J.L. Balaam, M.R. Hurst and J.E. Thain
12:20 Poster Talks 5-8
12:30 Lunch and Posters
Session 3
14:00 Biodegradation studies of toxic monoaromatic hydrocarbons
A.M. Booth, C. Aitken, P.A. Sutton, E.L. Smith, D.M. Jones, C.A. Lewis, A.C. Lewis and S.J. Rowland
14:20 Organic matter decomposition - Processing of leaf litter by soil invertebrates
A.J. Rawlins, I.D. Bull, N. Poirier, H.I.J. Black, P. Ineson and R.P. Evershed
14:40 Chlorophyll oxidation products in the Celtic Sea
J. Stuart Walker and Brendan J. Keely
15:00 Poster Talks 9-12
15:10 Tea and Posters
Session 4
15:40 High-resolution study of bacteriochlorophylls in sediments of an Antarctic lake
Michael A. Wilson, Angela H. Squier, Dominic A. Hodgson and Brendan J. Keely
16:00 To be confirmed
Helen M. Talbot and Others
16:20 Organic geochemical reconstruction of climate and vegetation change in the Amazon Basin over the last 40,000 years
Christopher S. Boot, Virginia Ettwein, Richard D. Pancost and Mark Maslin
16:40 Porphyrin distributions as indicators of redox conditions in an ancient lake environment
Deborah H. Mawson, J. Stuart Walker, Sadie M. Coyle, James R. Maxwell and Brendan J. Keely
18:45 Mayflower Steps (opposite The Admiral McBride) for Water Taxi to Mount Batten

Wednesday 9th July 2003

09:00 Wake-up and Posters
Session 5
09:40 Assessment of combustion and reduction reactions in GC-IRMS: Application to problems in stable isotope analyses of organic compounds
Claire Bickers, Richard Pancost, Richard Evershed and Jim Carter
10:00 Molecular and stable isotope analysis of thermally-immature Proterozoic sedimentary organic matter
C. Stalvies, S.A. Bowden, G.D. Love, R.E. Summons, J.J. Brocks, G.A. Logan, P. Farrimond and C.E. Snape
10:20 The use of carbon and hydrogen stable isotopes in the source apportionment of PAHs
Chenggong Sun, Mick Cooper and Colin E. Snape
10:40 Coffee and Posters
Session 6
11:10 The role of aliphatic and amphiphilic compounds in soil water repellency
S.H. Doerr, C.P. Morley, P. Douglas, P. Yost, C.T. Llewellyn and K.A. Mainwaring
11:30 Oxygen bond moities in the Murchison meteorite
Jonathan S. Watson, Mark A. Sephton and Iain Gilmour
11:50 Decision on Next Year's Venue and Closing

Poster Presentations

We look forward to your company in Plymouth.

Petroleum and Environmental Geochemistry Group
School of Environmental Sciences
University of Plymouth
Drake Circus
Devon PL4 8AA

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